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Proyecto Oceano is an association with Spanish professionals internationally connected, headed by the Spanish law firm DPM y Asociados, based in Madrid.

We are experts in the management of foreign investments in Europe, implantation of foreign companies in Spain and migration law of the European Union. Proyecto Oceano comprises several of the best law firms, financial advisors, real estate agents, financiers, architects, advisors specialized in private banking and management of personal wealth.


The constituents of the project are companies associated with DPM, renowned nationally as well as internationally, experts in advising foreign investors on all levels, be it investments in ventures or purchases of companies, investment banking, real estate investments and implantation of foreign companies in the Spain and the rest of Europe. The project encompasses several offices in Madrid and associated ones from our collaborations in Spain, Italy, Germany, China, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and expanding ones in Russia and several Arabian Countries.




The Oceano team takes care of the investor or entrepreneur from the first day of contact, with respect to his or her personal circumstances, the characteristics of the venture and the objectives he or she desires to pursue: Purchase of estates in Spain or any other part of Europe (houses, premises, floor space, buildings, hotels, land, etc.)

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In order to procure the necessary permits from your country of origin (without the need to travel to Spain) we advise you (free of charges) in your home country and in your maternal language, with coordination from our central office in Spain, about the necessary steps to take to obtain a residential permit.

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We will provide or arrange everything you need for your visit to Spain to complete the investment or business (guides flights, transport , hotels, business hostesses , interpreters , tourism, and activities during the stay to the investor and their families etc )

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Personalized treatment from the inception

The Oceano team takes care of the investor or entrepreneur from the first day of contact, with respect to his or her personal circumstances, the characteristics of the venture and the objectives he or she desires to pursue: Purchase of estates in Spain or any other part of Europe (houses, premises, floor space, buildings, hotels, land, etc.); purchase of or investment in Spanish companies, investment funds/banking products or Spanish public debt, or take charge of the client`s business: implement companies, expand business on an international scale, encounter business partners and business angels, etc.

Our local teams offer advice on all levels in your home country and your maternal language, in coordination with the Spanish team, in order to establish the most viable strategy.


Initial counselling free of charges

Our first assessment will be free of charges and with no strings attached and serves to establish our client`s necessities in order to offer a personalized strategy and a preliminary cost estimate.


Migration guidance

(visas and residential permits for the investor and his/her family; residential permits for entrepreneurs and their families)

In case you are in need of a visa and permits for your investments (permits for the investor and (if applicable) his family), our law office in Spain, experts in migration law, will transmit the most adequate ones tailored to your necessities.

We will facilitate access to special permits allowing you to invest in Spain without having to live in Spain, nor to change your fiscal residency (New legislation from September 2013).


Plan of investment or business implementation

The legal, fiscal and investment teams prepare a detailed strategy in order to be able to inform you of the individual steps and accompanying costs necessary to implement the established plan (taxes, official legal documents necessary in other countries for foreign investments, etc.).


Supervision during the process

Our team facilitates your investment with utmost focus on quality and the best possible results, from the inception to the completion of the process (We analyse your business to advise you about the best strategy to follow, we provide you with legal advice in your home country and Spain, we create the best fiscal strategy for your business or investments, we offer financial consulting of prime quality. We help you in adapting your business plan to your new investments, we investigate the labour situation and employees` contracts, we establish contacts with suppliers and possible partners, we supervise your investments for local support and support in Spain, etc.).


Investor suppor

We take care of anything necessary in Spain for the completion of the investment (flights, transport, hotels, business hostesses, interpreters, tourism, guides and activities during the stay, etc.).


Services after completion of investment

Once the investment is competed (purchase of an estate, investment in Spanish companies, investment in funds/banking products or Spanish public debt, etc.) or the client`s business idea executed (implantation of his/her company, expand the business to other markets), we supervise the investments, if desired: legal, fiscal, supervision of investment funds, maintenance of properties (permanent occupancy, preparation and decoration of your company, hotel, house, building, etc; administration of the day-to-day with respect to maintenance and all kind of services necessary).


From your country of origin

In order to procure the necessary permits from your country of origin (without the need to travel to Spain) we advise you (free of charges) in your home country and in your maternal language, with coordination from our central office in Spain, about the necessary steps to take to obtain a residential permit (that holds in the case of permits with and without accompanying investments).


Tailor-made estimates

Once the best migration strategy has been established, we realize a cost estimate tailored to your circumstances and we handle the corresponding permits.


Profitable investment

If your permit of residence goes hand in hand with prior investment our advisors and lawyers will study the circumstances to advise and handle for you the best option. You will be able to see your investments grow while taking advantage of the benefits of residing in Europe.



1) What kind of investment is necessary to obtain an initial visa and later a permit of residence?
The law allows you to benefit in four different ways: Purchase of real estate with a minimum total value of 500.000 Euros. Realize a bank deposit or a stock or social investment in Spanish companies of a value of 1.000.000 Euros or more. Buy Spanish public debt of at least 2.000.000 Euros or establish an enterprise of public interest in Spain. (Public interest refers to the creation of jobs in Spain, a scientific or technological enterprise or an activity that has a significant socioeconomic impact on the geographic region in which the enterprise is launched)

2) If I decide to buy an estate, can I get a mortgage?
Yes, but starting at 500.000 euros.

3) Is it possible to buy several objects which sum up to 500.000 euros?

4) Do I benefit as a business unit?
Yes- In that case a permit for the person with a direct or indirect majority of voting rights and the permission to represent the majority of the members of the entity will be conceded, given that the minimum investment requirement is fulfilled.

5) What is the duration of the permit?
At first a visa for one year will be organized in the investor`s country of origin, which can later be converted (during the term of the first year) into a investor permit with a two-year duration (to be renewed every two years, without any time limits) which will be granted in Spain.

6) Do I have to maintain the investment?
Only for the time of the permit and I can be converted into any of the berforementioned investment vehicles (including combining vehicles)

7) Will my family benefit?
Yes. The investor can obtain the same visa (and later permit) for his/her spouse and children and dependents who suffer from incapacities without age restrictions.

8) Will I obtain the Spanish nationality?
If the residence voluntarily turns into a more permanent one we will adapt your and your family`s permit so you can obtain the Spanish citizenship.

9) What kind of benefits will a permit bring?
The visa (the document obtained in the very beginning, for the first year) will allow you and your family to reside in Spain and the rest of Europe (the Schengen area precisely). Once the permit (the one that will be renewed) is granted you will be allowed to reside and work, irrespective of the nature of employment, be it as a regular employee or as an employer or autonomously.

10) What are the prerequisites I will be asked for?
The same ones needed for any other existing permit and a proof of the undertaken investment.


Logistics of travels

Logistics of travels

- Transfer from and to the airport, reservations of hotels and restaurants

- Organization of touristic tours

- Personal shoppers

- Babysitters

- Kindergarden

- Reservations for public events (theatre, opera, sport events…)

- Luxury services (Spa, personal trainers, fashion assistant, make-up artists)

- Chauffeur reservations and rental cars

- Catering

- Etc.


Organization of conferences and events

- Assessment and reservations of adequate sites for your events

- Hostesses for congresses and personal assistants

- Material for your conferences and events (dossier, projectors…)

- Catering

- Etc.

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The Oceano project consists of a team of lawyers specialized in all different legal aspects related to investments.

Various law firms dedicated a different legal areas assist the project to guarantee judicial security to investors and their ventures, be it real estate, financial or entrepreneurial transactions.

The same applies to the management of the residential permits, which is handled by the best Spanish law firms and specialists in migration law and with international presence:


The multidisciplinary real estate team is comprised of several offices of renowned architects and real estate agents with ample experience in the sector, a comprehensive portfolio in Spain and several other countries of Europe and direct contact with estate owners.

The Oceano Project guaranties adequate purchases, profitable and tailored to the investor’s needs.

The competences of the team consist in search, analysis, renovation and also decoration of the property the investor targets.


The Oceano Project works with prestigious international professionals who advice you on the best options for your investments in financial products. We ensure the best investments that suit you.

We also have a specialized team of Spanish public debt professionals at our disposal.


This area optimizes the profitability of your investment by means of a multidisciplinary team of professionals who will protect and increase your assets and profitability.

We take care of the occupancy of your properties,

maintenance of your houses and all other aspects surrounding your investments to ensure best results, without the necessity of physical presence of the investor in Spain.


Internationalize your business, invest in the most profitable Spanish companies.

We connect you with the business world of whichever country you desire in order to expand and therefore make sure you will be able to conduct business wherever you want.


The Oceano Project takes care of all necessities surrounding our clients` businesses.

Starting with airport transfer, to hotel and restaurant reservations and organization of conferences and events to promote your business.